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Focus: is the perfect introduction to Sträva’s line of specialtyinfused coffees. With 1.25mg CBD per serving, this coffee has just enough CBD to help calm some of those coffee jitters,provide focus, and for some customers, to alleviate minor aches and pains. 30 MG per Bag.


Escape: is Sträva’s decaffeinated coffee and is infused with2.5mg CBD per serving. For customers who like to enjoy coffee after dinner or in the evenings, this is a delicious roastwith just enough CBD to help calm and relax. 60 MG per Bag.


Restore: is the most popular of Sträva’s infused coffees, andoffers 5mg CBD per serving. Many customers delight in both the taste of the coffee, and the variety of therapeutic benefits provided by CBD. 120 MG per Bag. 


Elevate: is Sträva’s most therapeutic coffee, infused with 10mgof CBD per serving. Many customers find Elevate to offermeaningful relief from a variety of stresses, yet still a deliciouslycomplex, balanced and enjoyable coffee. 240 MG per Bag. 

Strava Craft Coffee Peace and Wellness Blends